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Bootstrap Components

Following list of included components, select the products you're interested in to discover how they're used and/or installed.


Embedding Bootstrap Components is relatively simple, BUT, almost all of the features must be added using div classes opposed to the Bootstrap markup, for example <button> is replaced using the example below (Note that <button> is replaced with <div>);

<div class="btn btn-default">[[Bootstrap_Components|<span style="color:#fff">Bootstrap Components</span>]]</div>


# Extension Description Link
1 Buttons Including over 100 button variants Bootstrap Buttons
2 Alerts Multi functional alerts Bootstrap Alerts
3 Carousel Image sliding with ease Bootstrap Carousel
4 Jumbotron Display attention-grabbing texts using jumbotron Jumbotron
5 Panels Multiple colors and variants Bootstrap Panels
6 Collapsible Panels Clickable Panels that open & close Collapsible Panels
7 Typography Including a flourish of style Bootstrap Typography
8 Wells Simple yet effective and eye catching Bootstrap Wells
9 Modals A useful tool that gets the job done Bootstrap Modals
10 Popover Useful to inform members and visitors Bootstrap Popover
11 Tooltips Give useful info with ease Bootstrap Tooltips
12 Gritter Notifications Automated notifications that disappear without any user input. Gritter Notifications
13 Lazy Youtube Adds Youtube videos to Mediawiki articles Lazy Video
14 Images (Hover Effect) Used without links around the image, with color variations. Hover Images
15 Font Awesome Icons on your website, the web's most popular icon set. Font Awesome 5.0.4
16 Pagination Ideal for bottom of the page next page nav Bootstrap Pagination
17 Pager A simple last page, next page nav Bootstrap Pager
18 Nav Pills Low key nav suitable pretty much anywhere Bootstrap Pills
19 Badges Bootstrap Badges
20 Labels Label content for user attention Bootstrap Labels
21 Contextual Backgrounds Multiple colors and variants Contextual Backgrounds
22 Images Run of the mill ordinary images Bootstrap Images
23 Custom Images With just a little imagination ... Custom Images
24 Scrolling Windows Something I created Scrolling Windows
25 Social Buttons Easy to use in any Page to promote your Social Pages. Social Buttons
26 Columns Because size really does matter Bootstrap Columns
27 Nav Tabs Multi layer content Bootstrap Tabs

Stand Alone Extensions

# Extension Description Link
1 Font Awesome 5 The stand alone version of Font Awesome Font Awesome
2 Youtube Add Youtube videos to Mediawiki articles. Youtube Extension
3 Bootstrapskin Gallery Custom gallery extension for Mediawiki Bootstrapskin Gallery
4 Tooltips A lightweight Tooltips plugin Tooltips
5 Code Prettifier Add beautiful code to your wiki Extension Prettify

Help Guides

# Guide Description Link
1 Install & Configure Installation and post installation Download and Install
2 Footer Mod Modifying the Footer mod Footer Mod
3 Hidden Elements Edit the hidden login buttons Hidden Elements
4 Edit Copyright Remove my links and add custom links Edit Copyright
5 Mediawiki Sidebar Using and editing the Sidebar Mediawiki Sidebar
6 Protection Spam prevention that works! Mediawiki Security
7 Extension Tutorial A tutorial on how to create an extension Extension Tutorial
8 Development Server Install a secure development server Development Server
9 To the Top A jQuery smooth scroll animation To the Top
10 Smooth Scroll TOC Implements smooth scrolling with the TOC Smooth TOC
11 Mega Menu Add a mega menu to Mediawiki content Mega Menu
12 Mediawiki SEO Improve upon Mediawiki's disastrous SEO Mediawiki SEO
13 Mediawiki Forms Creating custom forms using a special page. Mediawiki Forms

Pro Services

# Guide Description Link
1 Bootstrapskin CDN Speed up your Wiki using the Bootstrapskin CDN Bootstrapskin CDN
2 Install & Configure Let me do the hard work for you Install Service
3 Developer Services Use the best for a fraction of the rest! Development Services
4 Mediawiki Is it hard to develop a successful Wiki Successful Wiki
5 Mediawiki Shop Add eCommerce functionality to Mediawiki Mediawiki Shop


A selection of copy and paste templates for your wiki.

# Guide Description Link
1 Mediawiki Blog Why use more than one system when Mediawiki can do it all Mediawiki Blog
2 Background Image Create custom pages with an image background Image Background
3 Transparent Main page Information overlaying a background image Image Overlay
4 Alt News A simple masonry layout. Masonry News
5Minimal Template Four boards, little content, cool features! Minimal Template