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Nothing comes cheap these days, and a few cents, pence or otherwise can make a big difference to the services I provide. I currently gratefully receive Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Donate Bitcoin @ 12rbLdb8ov5K1k7xVqdMMzwEFbyAJkcnks

Donate Ethereum @ 0x9C48261dE1Fe944b45fE97c2c8fBe4e458529faf

Donate Bitcoin Cash @ 1BJ8Ke3SsEkTnyXaMCh2zptC9Gw4G7yBwM

Or for those without crypto you can donate a small amount @ PayPal.me.

Many thanks to all those that help the project, without contributions from people like you this project wouldn't be as successful.

Absolutely every donation received goes towards the Bootstrapskin project. At present I'm saving up for better hosting (a VPS) which is $180, and to purchase forum software, which is $200.

If you have a business I'll promote it on the contributors page, large donations will include a prominent link next to the copyright notice. I only add two major donors per year, and the time spent in this placement is one year.


Cant afford to donate cash? There are many ways that you can donate, one of the most valuable contributions you can make is to post a review.