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Footer Extension

The Footer Extension provides semi-auto updating features, which once setup, will mean you'll never have to tamper with footer.php every again, just one edit will suffice.

The Footer Extension uses RSS in combo with DOM, to collect information from the RSS feed and place in the footer, clever hey?

This RSS/DOM feature is used in the footer and the Quick Links & Categories dropdown menus above, below the userbar.


If you want to keep the setup we're using, you'll need to create 6 new pages. Name each pages something appropriate to their use and add the following content to the page/s;

<startFeed />

== Article 1 ==

[[Article 1]]

== Article 2 ==

[[Article 2]]

== Article 3 ==

[[Article 3]]

== Article 4 ==

[[Article 4]]

== Article 5 ==

[[Article 5]]

<endFeed />

Once you've saved view the page source to see something like;


If we now open skins/strapping/footer.php line 38 and paste this link in place of the mediawikibootstrap link.

Save and refresh the page to see the changes.

To Update this section of the footer in future simply modify the Latest News page.

Carry this out 3 more times to fill the footer.

For the Quick Links & Categories dropdown menus, create two more Wiki pages in same way as above. View and copy the RSS feed.

Open to edit; skins/strapping/strapping.skin.php and modify lines 225 & 249, save and refresh.

Link Quantities

By default the extension will display 5 items, you can modifying the line;

$limit = 5;

Set this to any amount, so long as you have that amount of articles, otherwise you'll receive a php in the column.

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