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Mediawiki SEO

As of version 1.0.3 Bootstrapskin will provide basic search engine optimization functionality. This feature is pre installed during installation of the skin.


For those of you that have been involved in Mediawiki for a while, you'll know that getting wiki pages ranked highly in Google is pot luck, though in my experience Mediawiki content that is linked to from high value websites, will invariably rank well.

This extension therefore helps improve our chances by injecting a relevant page title, keywords and description into the head section in the form of valid meta data.

If you'll now view the page source of this page (for Firefox it's Ctrl + U on your keyboard), you'll see the addition of the following (at about line 16);

<meta name="keywords" content="Mediawiki seo, Mediawiki meta"/>
<meta name="description" content="An extension that adds meta details to the page head section"/>


Add the following to the top of the page, only edit for your purposes;

<seo metakeywords="Mediawiki seo, Mediawiki meta data" metadescription="An extension that adds meta details to the page head section"/> 

Summing up

IMHO this basic addition to your articles will bear good fruit, maybe not enough to reach page one, but the improvements to the validity of your wiki cannot be estimated, but it can only be good.

You'd be completely crazy not to use it.

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