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Custom Extensions

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Following list of extensions pre-installed with Bootstrapskin, adding to its unique feature-set.

Hidden Features

As you may have noticed before registering, the userbar and Logout Button are missing! This is by design and provides improved usability, after all do you really want visitors using the these features, it detracts from the user experience as they'll have to "have a play" rather than read your content.

This is a custom feature you'll not need to install, it works right from the get go.


To improve functionality and provide a more compact experience, navigation is now displayed below the userbar, and currently includes; Mediawiki Sidebar, Quick Links and Categories, with the option to include at-least another five drop down menu items.

Semi-Auto Updating Footer

The links seen in the Footer Auto update depending on page features within the wiki - rather than making constant changes to footer.php. The footer needs a single modification, post install, which will then run itself thereafter, see the installation instructions for more information.